Kornfeld Lab Candid Photos - Conferences, Academics, and Social Events

2017 Luke and Nick making nematode growth media together

Events: 2016 Cold Spring Harbor Labs Aging Meeting

Kerry presenting Sandeep's poster Zuzana Kerry and Andrea Kerry, Andrea, Zuzana, and Sandeep

2016 Float Trip at Blue Springs Ranch

2015 Float Trip at Blue Springs Ranch

International C.elegans Conference 2009, UCLA, Los Angeles California


Ivan, Mike, John, Kerry, Hyun, Sara, Krupa

Lab Float Trip, Meramec River, September 2009

peptalk labmeeting luncheroom cave
2002 Midwest Worm Meeting

Keystone Aging Conference, Durango, CO, 1999



Cheng & Kerry

Standing: Danielle Pepin, Jessica Goldstein, Ginger Miley, Stacie Hughes
Seated: Doug Fantz, Cheng Huang, Kara Sternhell, Liz Leight, Kim Evanson

Luke Schneider at work

July 4, 1997 Party

003 004  
Janelle, Cheng, Kerry, Dave, Cheri

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