The Kornfeld lab studies the biology of zinc homeostasis
and of aging using C. elegans.

Zinc and metal homeostasis

This project includes analyzing zinc metabolism and homeostasis, since we discovered that zinc has important effects on signaling during development.

Aging, drugs, and reproduction

These projects include investigating drugs and mutations that extend lifespan and mechanisms and consequences of aging in the reproductive system.

Xavier Anderson, Brian Earley, James Tan, Kerry Kornfeld, Andrea Scharf, Ciro Cubillas, Adelita Mendoza, Brian Egan

Joining the Lab

Teaching and Learning

The Kornfeld Laboratory provides training in genetics, cell biology and developmental biology.

Trainees include undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

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Tradition of Excellence

School of Medicine professor’s
WUSTL roots go deep. 

“When Kerry Kornfeld, MD, PhD, says his life began at the School of Medicine, he means that literally”. 

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